Urge Congress to Invest in Ocean Climate Action

We must take climate action now. More severe storms, rising temperatures and other ocean impacts are destroying homes and disrupting ocean ecosystems. These changes have distressing impacts on all those who rely on the ocean. Coastal communities are facing threats to their critical infrastructure, their economies and their ways of life.  

Right now, Congress is debating legislation that, if passed, would be the most significant climate action in U.S. history. Budget reconciliation might not sound exciting, but it can have a huge impact on our lives and the ocean we love. We can make the investments we need for a resilient clean-energy future and, critically, a healthy ocean.

Congress needs to hear from YOU. Tell your representative to support budget reconciliation to fund climate action, reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and protect our ocean and communities before it is too late.

The ocean has already absorbed approximately 90% of the excess heat generated by greenhouse gas pollution to date. We must address climate change for the future health of our ocean.  Tell Congress we must act on climate now.  

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