Take action for a healthy, thriving ocean

As climate change warms our ocean’s waters, many fish populations have to swim farther and farther towards the Earth’s poles and to deeper waters to chase the cooler water conditions they need to survive and thrive.

But, not all ocean life is moving to cooler waters in the same ways. That means that sometimes, animals aren’t able to find food, the right habitat, or even a mate. And fishermen that rely on these fish populations for their catch are left in the lurch.

What can be done? We need to learn more about what is going on in order to find solutions.

Congress has introduced a bill—aimed at learning more about what actions are being taken to protect these shifting fish populations and prepare fisheries for the impacts of climate change.

Will you take action today—asking your member of Congress to co-sponsor this important piece of legislation?

The Climate-Ready Fisheries Act of 2019 ensures Congress has the information it needs to develop forward-looking solutions and provide fishery managers with the tools necessary to manage climate-ready fisheries.

A healthy and thriving ocean provides us all with the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. We want to make sure that there are enough fish in the ocean to not only sustain wildlife in the marine ecosystem, but also to feed communities around the world.

Write to your members of Congress—urging them to support The Climate-Ready Fisheries Act of 2019

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