Oil and Water Don’t Mix

Recently, the Biden administration announced a proposal to schedule new offshore oil and gas lease sales over the next five years. We're disappointed that the administration is considering new lease sales, given the risks of offshore drilling and the threats it poses to our climate.

Fortunately, the administration’s proposal has not been finalized, and there’s still time to stop these sales from going forward.

Will you take action? Tell the Biden administration to offer no new offshore lease sales in the final 2023-2028 offshore oil and gas program.

The climate crisis poses an existential threat to our planet: Around the world we see coastal communities struggling and ocean ecosystems buckling under the cumulative effects of climate change. The science is clear: There is no room for new offshore oil and gas leasing in our clean-energy future.

Scheduling new offshore oil and gas lease sales is a serious setback to the ongoing efforts to meet our climate goals, protect coastal communities and economies and safeguard our ocean and coasts.

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