Support the Clean Shipping Act

Did you know that if ocean shipping were a country, it would be the sixth largest producer of climate pollution globally? The shipping industry belches out almost 1 billion tons of climate pollution a year and carries around 90% of traded products globally.

You can help. Contact your legislators and tell them to commit to solving the climate crisis by co-sponsoring and ultimately passing the Clean Shipping Act of 2022.

As the pace of climate change accelerates and impacts continue in the form of frequent flooding, more severe storms and never-ending wildfire seasons, the Clean Shipping Act, or H.R. 8336, sets a clear, bold path to achieve zero-carbon shipping in the United States by 2040. This bill is the first stand-alone legislation to zero-out pollution from all ocean shipping companies that do business with the U.S. and aims to clean up the shipping industry to tackle the climate crisis, protect the health of port communities and address environmental injustice.

By cleaning up toxic air pollution at ports, the Clean Shipping Act protects the health of the nearly 40% of Americans who live near ports and face high risks of cancer, other debilitating illnesses and early death. Because the impacts of port pollution have disproportionately fallen on the Black, Brown and working-class communities closest to ports, passing the bill will significantly advance environmental justice.

We cannot avoid climate catastrophe without decarbonizing shipping. It’s time to get more co-sponsors for the Clean Shipping Act and pass it into law.

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