Take Action to Protect Arctic Waters

With climate change and loss of seasonal sea ice, more vessels are operating in the Arctic Ocean, one of the most remote and challenging environments in the world. The Arctic hosts an abundance of marine wildlife—and Indigenous peoples have hunted and fished in these waters for untold generations.

With all that’s at stake in the Arctic, it’s critical that vessels operate safely and minimize their impacts to the marine environment and the people who live in the region. Write to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and tell them to strengthen navigation and communication requirements for vessels using Arctic waters.

New “e-navigation” or “e-NAV” technologies can provide mariners with relevant, up-to-date navigational, safety and environmental information in real time. These new technologies can improve safety and protect the Arctic marine environment—but only if ships are required to carry and use them.

That’s where you come in: Ask the IMO to strengthen e-NAV requirements for vessels that travel in Arctic waters.

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