Tell Congress to Support Ocean Research

Although we literally couldn’t live without our ocean, there is still so much we don’t know about it—as much as 80% of our ocean remains unmapped or underexplored. By better understanding that missing 80%, we can better understand our planet and the interesting organisms that live in the ocean, and also have important information to make decisions on behalf of our ocean. All so we protect our most sensitive ecosystems and only use our ocean resources sustainably.

The good news? Increasing funding for ocean research and data management can help us fill those gaps. The more we know, the better we can protect our ocean.

Take action: Tell Congress to support critical ocean research by increasing NOAA funding.

By collecting ocean data and organizing it in a clear, accessible way, we are better equipped to tackle some of the biggest threats to our ocean, including climate change. Ocean data and models help us protect endangered species, identify appropriate sites for offshore wind facilities, develop better hurricane prediction models and plan for sea-level rise.

We cannot afford to skimp on funding for ocean data management. Tell Congress to take action today.

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